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Your Haircut Commandments!

Worried about lopping off your locks?

Follow These Guidelines To Prevent Any Mishaps

Thou Shall Get A Consultation

If your hairstylist sends you for awash without even a glance at your hair, something's wrong. He should examine your hair, check its condition and ask you about how you wear and manage it. Field questions too!

Thou Shall Consider Your Hair Texture

As much as you want a shaggy, asymmetrical style, your thick, coarse hair just can't make the cut. Texture takes precedence over all other considerations. It's better to go for an appropriate cut rather waste time forcing hair into shape with an army of styling products.

Thou Shall Keep Body Shape In Perspective

A cut should complement your physique. Drastic contrasts such as a curvy figure with flat, rebonded hair will make you look totally out of proportion. Don't take offence if your stylist advises against your desired cut. A good hairdresser knows how to flatter your entire silhouette, not just the shape of your face.

Thou Shall Have Fuss-Free Hair

Fact is, you're not going to be stepping out of a salon every morning. Minimal styling time is the mark of haircut greatness. A fad cut is one that's 's versatile enough to retain its shape long after you're out and about, and should require maintenance only after at least six weeks.

Update Your Hair!

Learn how to jazz up your style instantly with the right styling tools and hip accessories

Sexy Curls

What You Need: Mousse, curl enhancer, curling iron

How To Do It: Apply mousse or curling lotion to damp, freshly shampooed hair to prevent damage from heat styling. Wait till hair is almost dry, then part into large sections and curl it around a large-barrel curling iron. Loosen up the curls and mist all over with a gloss finish.

Pixie Chic

What You Need: Any type of hairband

How To Do It: Backcomb sections of hair at the back and the crown to add volume and height 0 Slip the hairband on and flip out the ends.


What You Need: Styling wax or cream

How To Do It: Take some wax or cream and scrunch up the back and crown of your hair. Blow-dry for more body and volume. Apply wax to the fringe and tease it sideways l and along the sides of your face.

Sassy Girl

What You Need: Hair texturiser or volumiser

How To Do It: Apply some texturiser or volumiser to hair ends. Scrunch up large sections of hair to create an 'out of bed' effect.

Boho Chic

What You Need: Scarves

How To Do It: Fold a large square scarf into a triangle. Place the folded portion onto your forehead and tie a knot at the back of your head. Pull sections of hair to the front and create volume by fluffing it up.

Flapper Girl

What You Need: Ornamental clips, barrettes

How To Do It: Use a curling iron to create soft curls and flipped ends. Side part your hair and tuck in a large ornamental clip for that glamorous touch.

Morning Calls

Last night's curls are this morning's glory. From the runway to the bedroom, bed hair rules. It all starts when your alarm clock goes off...

Brand New Day

Sleep off the intensity of last night's curls and awaken to soft twirls. Use curling tongs to get defined curls the night before. Pin up the top section of your hair and start curling from the lowest, innermost section. Spritz on hair spray to set the curls, then finger-comb your tresses to loosen the strands for that loose, casual look. Leave overnight - spread your hair out on the pillow so the curls don't get squashed, and wake up to a style that's ready to go.


Nothing gets bed hair in order like a tight ponytail. After a night of tossing and turning, gather your hair up in a ponytail - don't worry about it being messy. For more volume, backcomb the inside of the ponytail and then coat the upper surface with hair wax. For that romantic figurish at the end of the ponytail, dip your finger in hair wax and wrap hair around it for a light curl.

Chignon Du Jour

Fiveaway hair can be a nuisance in the middle of the morning beauty regimen - hair flying into eyes is bad for mascara application. And while chignons have been the favorite for several seasons now, with each new day brings a new way to get bunned up. Ballerina-style with playful sexiness - but without the obsessive neatness - is easy to achieve. Simply smooth hair back with your fingers into a ponytail. Then wind the ponytail into a loose bun and secure with bobby pins.

School Bella

Cute ponytails aren't the schoolyard variety so the boys door won't be tugging on them. Use curling tongs on the curls. Smooth over hair with curl serum and then separate into two sections, tying them about 5cm below the ear with a hair-tie. To finish, wind a small section of the hair around the tie and tuck it in.

Blow Out

A quick shower, a quick breakfast and an equally swift hairdo. No products necessary, this idiot-proof look gets you out of the door and off to work in two minutes flat. Blow out hair with a hair dryer if time persists; if not, use the volume of bed-mussed hair and simply draw the two side sections of your hair to the back. Twist and secure this half-ponytail with bobby pins.


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