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Prelude To A Kiss

Give your pout some much-needed oomph for a month of lavish romance! Here are some pointers on how to bet your lips looking downright luscious for Valentine's Day!

Plucker Up

Different lips need different attention. Read on and decide which category you fall into.

Thin Lips

If your lips are thin like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson, avoid colors that are too bright or contrasting to your skin colur instead, opt for shades that are more neutral like beiges, nudes and honey tones as they tend to make your lips look fuller When lining lips, try doing it on the outer rim of four lip before filling it with color. This will give the illusion that your lips are fuller

Full Lips

Lucky You! Your lips are full and proportionate like Liv Tyler and Beyonce. Make sure you accentuate them with the right shade of lip color. Lighter skin tones are morn suited for cool shades like fuchsia and magenta, whereas medium skin tones look better with nuances of tangerine, bright reds and peach, For darker skin tones, opt for colors like copper and shades of brown.

Uneven Lips

The lower portion of your lip is slightly heavier compared to your upper lip Nicky Hilton. To even out your lips, line the upper lip slightly above the rim before applying your lip colorr. Applying lip gloss to the center of your lips will also take the attention away from the imbalance.

High Drama

Radiant Complexion

Apply a two-way cake foundation using a sponge, blending it out evenly as you go along.

Dramatic Eyes

If you have round eyes, lengthen them by lining the lids with balk eyeliner and smudging it with your fingers to soften the line. Instead of the usual curl-and-coat-upward mascara strategy, apply two to three coats of mascara in an upward-outward motion to pull the shape of your eyes sideways.

Healthy Flush

Dust on the apples your cheeks in an upward sweep.

Pillow-Up Effect

Plump up your lips by dabbing on lip color with your fingers and sweeping a layer of gloss with a gloss wand over the lip color. Remove excess gloss by patting your lips with a sheet of tissue.

Glow With Gold

Even makeup can't escape this season's gold rush. Think it's tacky? Not if you do it right. A metallic finish adds glow to the face and gives your makeup instant polish. And we're not talking loud sparkles and showgirl glitters. The new gold makeup is sheer and subtle with only the softest hint of shimmer.


A smooth skin surface reflects light best so prep with a base. Then use a shimmery liquid foundation to get a dewy complexion. Foundation doesn't have to cover the entire face skin tone is quite even on the forehead so just apply the stuff on cheeks, nose and chin. Take a big brush and dust some loose powder. Don't use a sponge or you'll risk creating a matte effect instead.


Start with the eyes whenever you're doing shimmery makeup. This way, any extra shine can be tissued off without affecting the rest of your makeup. Direct focus to the eyes by using just one eye colour- in gold, of course. Sweep shadow across the lids right up to the brow bone. Use a gold liner as well to define the eyes (in this case, black and brown will appear too harsh).


Most women think an expensive-looking pout means Ferrari-red lips. Red is a classic color, but if you're going for a classy look, lips should lean towards a natural hue. Top off with a gloss that contains tiny metallic flecks.


You don't need a lot of color on your cheeks, just a hint will do. Select a blush in a similar tone as your lippie and sweep the color gently across cheeks. Next, dab a little foundation over cheeks to mute the blush slightly. For the grand finale, apply a highlighting powder from the apples up to the temples. Stunning!


How come rich ladies always look done up even with no makeup? Because they get their lashes tinted at salons, that's why. So always finish your eye makeup with mascara. For a professional, clump-free job, wipe off excess product with tissue before applying on to lashes. Once the mascara dries, brush on a lash-glistening mascara for a million dollar finish!


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