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A Complete Guide To Glorious Skin

Five Steps Is All it Takes For Your Skin To Achieve Perfection

Follow this simple regime for natural radiant fairness.


Use a purifying cleanser that thoroughly removes impurities to help improve overall fairness and translucence. Its rich, creamy foam gently removes din, surface oil, and skin-dulling dead skin cells while maintaining the skin's natural moisture level. Use in the morning and at night. Wet face, squeeze a dollop into hands and massage face gently Rinse thoroughly. Tip: Lathering up a cleanser is essential because the foam helps to collect and remove dirt and grime without stretching your skin during cleansing.


Use a whitening toner that softens and hydrates the skin. It also has natural extracts and skin conditioners to replenish moisture for soft, smooth skin cotton ball or pad with toner and smooth over face and neck with gentle upward strokes. Tip: Toner helps remove residue and deliver beneficial ingredients to your. Contrary to popular belief, toner does not "close pores".


Use a moisturising duo that protects skin against melanin formation with its whitening complex of Essential Soy and vitamin C. It is clinically proven to penetrate deep into the skin's surface to boost the whitening process, reducing the appearance of pigmentation and protect new skin cells from melanin. Tip: Forget the dotting method. Instead, warm the cream in your hands and apply with your fingertips. This spreads the moisturiser more evenly.

Sun Protection

Use a lightweight facial sunblock with SPF30 to protect your skin against harmful UVA/B and infrared rays. Apply liberally onto clean skin after your moisturiser in the morning, before going out into the sun. Tip: Not al sunblocks are chalky and greasy upon application. A daily dose of at least 5 15 is essential in preventing future age spots from popping up.

Stripping Bare

Leaving make-up on overnight clogs your pores and can congest your skin. You can avoid this by simply cleansing your face twice at the end of the day - once with a make-up remover, and a second time with a skin cleanser.

Beauty Sleep

Bedtime is the perfect time to treat your skin with that extra boost. Whether you are putting on alpha-hydroxy acids or giving it extra vitamins, the hours when you are catching your beauty sleep will give it time to sink in and work its magic

Stub Out

We all know the hazards of smoking, but it also have detrimental effect on your skin. Smoking impairs circulation, so instead of getting nutrient-rich blood to the surface of your skin, you're only getting poisons and oxidants.


Getting rid of the dead skin cells that are clogging up your skin helps your complexion to stay smooth and radiant. Use a twice-weekly gentle scrub just before bedtime.

Beauty's Price

It does not matter how much your skincare products cost. The most important thing is whether they are suitable for your skin type. Don't be afraid to experiment with a few brands until you find one that works well for you.

Cellulite Myths

Myth: Fizzy Drinks Cause Cellulite Bubbles

No. It's caused by complex reasons, including genes. If your mum has cellulite, you'll often battle it too.

Myth: Slim Women Don't Get Cellulite

Fat or thin, any woman can get the dimples and lumps of cellulite.

Myth: There's Nothing You Can Do About Cellulite

Women's fat cells live in little cubicles under the skin (in what's called the cellulite layer). When this thickens, the cubicles bulge, giving a dimpled appearance. (In men, these fat cells are not held in cubicles, making them less prone to cellulite than women). But new products can help slim the body, strengthen and tone skin and smooth body contours. Doing cardiovascular exercise and toning exercises also helps refine your shape, which-in turns helps to reduce cellulite.


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