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Unchained Melody

For a whiff of old world glamour, make a fashion statement with one of these large necklaces. A sautoir is a long necklace, often made of gold or pearls, that comes with a distinctive pendant. Here are some tips on how to carry off these regal-looking necklaces.

  • Long necklaces make you look slimmer, so choose these necklaces over chokers if you are of a larger build.
  • They are also a good choice for those with shorter necks as they help to elongate the neck.
  • If the pendant is elaborate, it should be the main focus of your outfit. Take a leaf from Theron and wear clothing with simple, classic lines to showcase the necklace.
  • Basic colors like white and black are good complements for a gold or bronze necklace.
  • For a twist, wrap your necklace around your wrist and you get a funky bracelet.

Get The Right Lace For The Right Effect

Lace is the fashion spot light, but there are so many styles so it's vital to get the right lace for the best effect. Find out what's best for what here.


This is popular for wedding gowns. Often re-embroidered to create a three-dimensional quality and embellished with pearls or sequins.


This is actually cotton tape manipulated into a design. It's used on everything from wedding gowns to tablecloths.


A coarse lace used for trims, cluny lace comes in a variety of widths. It looks best on casual wear and crafters love it.


Holes or eyelets edged with embroidered stitches were traditionally used on doilies. Now found on shirts, skirts and dresses.

Embroidered Chiffon

Embroidered chiffon lace ideal for soft flowing overlays. Beautiful for wedding gowns, bridesmaid) dresses, or any special occasion.


From northern France, this is similar to Alencon but without the cord outline. Known for its subtle pattern.


Damask heavy lace with an open background, Venice lace is usually in large floral leaf patterns.


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