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True Life Harassing Account

Jennifer, 34

Sales manager

"I met Raj in college. He was one year my junior. Raj was very good looking and I was very attracted to him. We went out for four years, of which we lived together for three. We had a tumultuous relationship as I had a terrible temper and he was an unreliable prankster who never took anything seriously. Raj worked part-time in a broadcasting house and occasionally I accompanied him to work to hang out with his cool buddies.

One day, I was introduced to Dan, their latest team member. I felt an immediate attraction to Dan and started hanging out at the broadcasting house more. After he finished work, we often went for teh tarik and chatted until the wee hours of the morning. One day, Dan confessed that he was attracted to me. That was when things got messy. "Dan pushed me to break up with Raj.

My relationship with Raj, at the time, had run its course. I was just hanging on because I was terrified of being single. Dan entering my life gave me the perfect excuse to break up with Raj. Raj was devastated when I told him I was leaving. He wept openly in front of me and our mutual friends, and asked me to reconsider. When that did not work, he asked friends to convince me to stay.

I felt terrible, but I couldn't stay on with him for the wrong reasons. I was guilt-ridden. Eventually, Raj realised he was fighting a losing battle. He packed all his things and moved out but he took some items that we had bought together. Half of those items were mine and I wanted them back. I was forced to keep in touch with Raj to reclaim my possessions.
"A few months after we broke up, Raj visited me at my house.

He asked for another chance and started caressing my hair. When I told him I wasn't coming back, he kept on caressing with one hand and used the other to punch my face. That broke my nose and I started bleeding profusely. I cupped my blood with my hands and told him to leave immediately, which he did. I was horrified at the incident and hoped that was the last I ever saw him.

A few weeks later, a remorseful Raj begged to give him a chance to make it up to me. It was stupid of me but I forgave him and agreed to go out with him again. "Raj took me to a remote housing area. He laid out a tablecloth and brought out a picnic basket. He was the perfect gentleman throughout dinner. On the way home, he suddenly stopped his car and told me to get out.

We were miles away and right smack in the middle of the housing development area where only workers resided in makeshift huts. Raj pushed me out of the car and said 'Now you know what it feels like to be dumped, you bitch: And he sped off. It was 11 p.m. and I didn't have a phone with me. I stood rooted to the spot and thought I could be gang-raped or killed. I was terrified and cried out of fear, praying that nothing should happen. I walked on until I saw a phone booth.

I called Dan who rushed to pick me up and took me home. That night could have easily ended up in my death. "I don't ever intend speaking to Raj again. I don't know if he ever felt sorry but I know that no girl deserves to be treated that way. My actions hurt his feelings but his actions could have cost me my life. Today I am happily married to the guy I left Raj for."


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