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Your Whine About Him

Your Whine: He's Younger Than Me!

You cradle snatcher! Leave the young ones to themselves. You'll be the focus of gossip. You'll feel absolutely funny knowing that you know more than him, having gone through more years in school. You really don't want to be a mother figure to someone, do you? Haven't you heard that dating younger guys is a sexy idea?

You don't always have to date the same type of guy who falls nicely into your set rules: same age, same race, same religion. Yawn. In each relationship, there is something special to learn. Enjoy the fresh energy of this young heart. He'll be raring to go, enthusiastic and eager to try out new things. He may be slighter in age but rich and mature in experience.

Don't just push aside these younger guys. Some could be more intelligent and mature than the guys your age! It would definitely be dumb to let a mere number manipulate your feelings and future. Needless to say, if the age gap is anything more than three, sleep over the matter a little longer.

An age gap of three to even ten years between couples may not mean anything when you are in your twenties or thirties, but two to three years now in your teenage years make a lot of difference. If you are fifteen, you would probably feel that dating a twelve year old boy is a definite no-no. Also, if you're downright insistent on a father-figure or set on the idea of older and wiser, then say bye-bye to the little boy.

Your Whine: He's Just Not My Type!

He's into heavy metal. He practically has Metallica stamped on his forehead and you are just a homely sweet young thing. He lives by night and you live by day. You have nothing in common and nothing to talk about. If you're going to eliminate every guy who doesn't fancy the same N show or movie star as you, you are causing yourself unnecessary frustration and distress.

Find out some common interests both of you have. You don't have to agree on everything just because you are a couple either. Isn't it more interesting to date a guy who has his own views rather than a weakling who simply agrees with everything you say? Don't stress yourself too much on what to say to him.

Couple talk usually revolves around each other, friends and families: "So, what does your mother think of me?", "What time did you sleep last night?", "Did you wear the Pooh shirt I gave you?". If he is dependable and a good listener, it doesn't matter if he's a tad different. Can you live with the differences?

Does his taunting of your fervor for the environment bother you to tears? If he's the sort to jam with his friends every night while you prefer quiet time at home, things don't look too positive. If neither of you is willing to compromise, then your whining about him not being your type is justified.

Your Whine: He Studies Abroad!

The two of you have just met a few times during his school break and you think it's a match made in heaven?! A few walks along the beach certainly does not make a relationship. Besides how long can you keep his interest through letters and emails? It would be so easy for him to have a love interest behind your back.

Love can happen anywhere. If both parties are devoted, you can have the best of both worlds by enjoying a long distance romance yet having the independence and time to do what you like, be it work or having fun with friends. While it is easy and convenient to say, "Out of sight, Out of mind", we should not underestimate the language of love: Letter writing. It explores the sensitive side of people. You seldom write something rashly, as you would saying it.

Conflicts can be saved this way. Even if the relationship doesn't last long, you would be able to learn a little more about a different culture, say about the British or the Americans. Also, it does seem exotic to say that you once upon a time had gone out with someone who studied somewhere across the oceans.

There is no denying it that a long distance relationship is tiring, especially if the foundation is not built on trust. It gets difficult when each of you needs support and find that the other cannot be there to help or encourage. If you call each other frequently, the cost adds up. Also, you need to get used to not seeing each other after each holiday. 

Your Whine: He's A Nerd!

He seems an okay person, but he's definitely a hard-core computer nut and get this, he likes solving maths challenge problems! What's worse, he wears thick specs, Bata shoes and carries a not so hip bag to school. That's no cause for a five-alarm nerd-alert. His academic interests only show him to be intelligent and someone who likes to use his mind.

He'll be a good one to explain difficult concepts like algebra or ionic equations or even taxation to you slowly and carefully. If those thick specs are that disturbing, encourage him to use contact lenses. You could recommend a few new outfits tactfully! You have it made!

You have a new, better-looking guy who knows a lot more than those himbos who have nothing to speak of for the space between their temples.Check if he's an insensitive creep who only wants to listen to machines. If he will not fix his eyes anywhere else but the screen, then it's waking call for you.

Your Whine: He's Too Cool For Words

Yup, and he'll never take a look at you. He's what everyone would call Mr. Hot Bod, Mr. Popularity or Mr. Macho. When he has all the cool chicks in school hanging around him, why would he even glance at ordinary you.

Every girl stands a chance. While Mr. Perfect may be able to date any girl he wants, what makes you so sure it can't be you? If he is that ideal and smart, he should be looking for good qualities in a girl like personality and warmth. If you think he'll never notice you because he is always swarmed by people, that's where you have to get creative. Draw his attention to yourself.

Queue up behind him at the food stalls, wear your hair nicely, smile brightly. If you're lucky, he might need to borrow twenty cents. Better yet, the chicken rice auntie might say the two of you look compatible. However, do not try and pretend to drop your entire life's savings near him hoping he will help to pick your stuff up.

Make sure he's as wonderful as you think he is. Nobody's perfect. Do you really like him and not just the idea of becoming the girlfriend of a cool dude. Get to know the guy better. Make discrete enquiries about him with classmates and friends. What if he is nice to his pals but horrid to his family. A guy who is handsome and knows it could turn out to be arrogant or egocentric.


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