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Seduce A Man Without Him Knowing

Ask for advice on seducing that gorgeous guy, who's about us aware of your existence as of his potted yucca plant, and what do you get? "Lose 5kg, wear shin-tight, mini-skirts and flaunt the latest passion-red lip-sticks"? Helpful? Well, only if you're looking for the sort of man who'll go for that look (And you know who we mean!). If, on the other hand, you're on the prowl for something a little more substantial than a snag in the hack of an ageing Honda (like a reasonable relationship where you're firmly in the driving sear), read on.

Why should we wait around fur Prince Charming to come calling? We're all modern girls, chicks with attitude. It we sec something we want, we shouldn't he afraid to go out and get it. You agree, but you don't know how to go about it? Listen up. Psychologists concur that, in the mating game, men respond far more than women to visual stimulation.

Yes, they are attracted to good looks, but the difference between attraction and merely noticing someone is stunning relates very strongly to how the woman feels about herself, and how she behaves in given situations. At some rime, we will all have come across the proverbial femme fatale. She may not be very good-looking, or dressed in the latest designer fashions, but whenever she walks into a room, all the men start drooling.

I Had To Beg My Husband For Sex

We may live in a modern society but many still raise an eyebrow when they encounter a relationship between an older woman and younger man. This issue never really bothered me, until in 2005, when I married a man four years my junior. Ben and I had dated for a few years and he appeared to be a responsible, mature young man.

But after we tied the knot, our life together suddenly became full of arguments over everything from finances and work to trivial things, like which sofa to buy for our home. What really bothered me though, was the fact that the physical intimacy we once shared quickly disappeared. My husband was no longer interested in being affectionate towards me, even when I initiated with hugs, gentle strokes of the arm or kisses.

Every day, he'd return home from work late at night, shower and go straight to bed or stay up to watch soccer on TV. I'd try and cajole him into some foreplay, hoping it'd lead to more bedroom intimacy, but most of the time, he'd turn me down, saying he was too tired. I'd eventually stop begging and a crawl into bed, feeling upset. This went on for the first few weeks of our marriage until I could bear it no longer. I decided to sit down with Ben and tell him that I was uncomfortable a with this sudden change.

It was absurd  that we were living under the same roof yet we hadn't consummated our marriage after so long! So that very night, Ben and I made love for the first time as a married couple. I had a mixed sense of satisfaction and confusion as I lay in bed beside him that night. He seemed deep in thought too. When I turned to look at him, to my surprise, I saw tears trickling down his cheeks.

As I gripped his arm to ask what was wrong, he blurted out, "Why did you have to force me?" I was so emotionally crushed to hear those words from the man I loved with all my heart. For days after that unpleasant incident, we avoided each other. Then some weeks later, I realised I had missed my period. A pregnancy test confirmed I was going to be a mother. When I broke the news to Ben, he simply gave me a puzzled look.

We came to terms with the pregnancy eventually, but our relationship still lacked the intimacy of a normal marriage. Then one day I came upon an sms in his handphone from his female colleague, his close friend. It read: "Does this mean we can no longer be more than friends, darling? Don't worry, I understand your situation". I felt angry, and immediately approached Ben for an explanation. He confessed that a month before our wedding, he'd begun having feelings for this colleague, but he was too afraid to call off the marriage.

He said he'd started wondering if he was too young for marriage and had wanted more time to think it over, but went ahead because pulling out would make his parents lose face. Not only that, he told me he had continued his "emotional affair" after our marriage, but lamely assured me that he had never had sex with the woman. I felt disgusted and didn't know what to do. Seeing my distress, Ben assured me that now we were expecting a baby, he'd change and make things work for us.

So we stayed married to each other, but not much has changed, except that now I'm due to give birth any day. When I think of my marriage, I keep asking myself, "How did things end up like this? Does the difference in our ages have a role to play in this tragedy?" I can never share this with anyone I feel so stupid and embarrassed. Each night, I pray that for my unborn child's sake, my marriage will improve.


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