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Your Whine: He's The Ultimate Mr. Shy Guy!

And a coward at heart. He hasn't had a girlfriend before. He may like you, but you only see him hiding behind the corners, not daring to say anything that would imply his attraction to you. Can you just imagine him being embarrassed at wanting to hold your hand or even wanting to ask you but not daring to?

He will be a disaster at parties as well. You don't want to be stuck with a blushing tomato all the time. There is a sweet element to shy guys. Maybe they don't have the experience that others have, but that means you get to be his first girlfriend. You more or less get to shape this relationship.

You even get to be the first girl who holds his hand. Now, isn't that an important privilege? Shyness can be overcome. It just takes a little pushing on your part. Try taking the initiative, do some decision-making on what to do on dates. Don't let his not knowing what to do get you down. You can even learn to appreciate this shy quality which is a rare value.

Most guys are anything but shy. After a while, you may even enjoy seeing the redness creep up his neck. If you yourself are Little Miss Shy, then you might have to think carefully about starting to grows tomato garden. Also, if your guy's shyness makes him antisocial and unfriendly, then this relationship looks bleak.


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