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Leave The Superbra At Home!

Men seem to feel that '90s women arc all critics. It's hard for anyone to relate to someone they're essentially afraid of. And they have a lot to live tip to: Caught in that limbo between New Man and Male Chauvinist Pig, they arc just as unsure of what to do as we are.

One man says of women: "Girls don't do anything or give out any signs if they like you. There are lots of things they could do, but don't. It doesn't say much for women's lib." Brian, a 26-year-old teacher, says, "Relationships usually start with me asking a girl out. I only make the first move after sonic encouragement - a wink, a smile, sometimes a sexual come-on."

Lawrence, 24, articulates a feeling common among men: "Most of us are threatened by women. If one comes towards me, who 1 don't have to be afraid of, then she's halfway there. If she gives off signals like `I'm a woman, I've got feelings, 1 want to be loved' - this I will go for. But if she wanders around in high heels, breasts hanging out of her bra, then my attitude changes. She's obviously just looking for a good tune. Guys want more than that at the end of the day."

Pathetic, isn't it? Are they looking for mother figures or something? Alarmingly, though, men do seem to be intimidated by us when we're dressed to thrill. So if you are looking to seduce him without him knowing, yon know the drill - leave that superbra at home. Guys want someone they can relate to. Women who show interest in them and women with high self-esteem get more attractive mates.

Remember, don't he afraid to ask for what you want. It does help, of course, to know what you want, whether it's a quick fling or a relationship, but you should always retain control. It's your choice, not theirs. How do you signal interest? Ask him for help with a problem? Meet at your fave wine bar? Shock him by telling him you'd like to get to know him better? How to be attractive to the opposite sex isn't just a question fundamental to modern-day living, it's a big money spinner, and How-To books abound. But using too wide an array of signals is invariably going to confuse the recipient: "Is she or isn't she trying to pick me up?"


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