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Men-Catching Techniques!

Humour is immensely attractive Not the bitching, taking to pieces and general lowest form-of-wit sarcasm, but genuine humour yon can share. Smiling and laughing can ease pain, promote healing, relieve tension and stress and make you feel happier.

Have you ever stood in a club looking aloof in your new clothes, feeling depressed because nobody notices you? Your frumpy friend, wreathed in smiles, is swamped by men. Look and lean. The supercool, "I'm perfect and totally unflappable" approach doesn't always work, especially if others interpret this as unapproachability. Open body language, as opposed to closed, is the language of love but remember that non-verbal signals are a minefield.

Nor everyone will understand what woo mean when you twitch your legs or gaze longingly into the bottom of your wine glass. Talking whilst moving the hands or playing with a finger ring and moving restlessly, signals embarrassment or anxiety, whilst jerky movements call mean frustration, and shrinking body movements are indicative of depression. Crossed arms and legs can mean "Keep away". Hunched shoulders and avoiding someone gaze indicate unavailability.

Romantic interest is often preceded by preening behaviour; you might smooth your hair or brush imaginary dust from your clothes. Show your confidence with an erect posture and an upward tilt to the head. If sitting; down, lean slightly forward or tilt the head towards the person you want to impress, Engaging eye contact, smiling and moving towards someone are all signs of interest.

Much has been said about the effect of colour. Red is often said to indicate a come-hither, extrovert personality. Black has a slightly mysterious aura. White stands for innocence and put purity. And, while it is true that the colours we choose to wear have far more to do with fashion than anything else, psychologists believe that those who want to project a bubbly, fun-loving image choose bright, primary colours, whilst darker shades portray a more serious, introverted personality. Warm colours often give the impression of a warm, sympathetic person, cold the reverse. Remember that the next time you update your wardrobe.


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