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Make Him Feel Special

What do guys like? They like girls who are selectively sexual, who focus only on the man they are interested in and not every available man in the room. Making a man feel like he is the most interesting thing since the invention of the telephone will make him think you are, too. Reflected admiration bathes the sender in a very sunny light.

Has anyone told you what a brilliant conversationalist you are, when all you really did was listen to them? It often happens. Not that we are suggesting you spend all your time smiling and listening (can't think of anything more boring) but, in the first instance, finding out as much as possible about the object of your affections not only tells you whether he is worth pursuing, but also means you can find out his likes and dislikes. Always useful in the art of seduction.

Talk to him in his language, it will make him think that you understand hint. Listen to hoes he talks - is he a visual, auditory or feelings person? Visual males tend to tall; in reins of "seeing" or "showing". Auditory people talk in terms of how things sound, or what they've heard, and feelings people talk in terms of how they feel about their work, life etc.

Get on his wavelength. Build up empathy by talking in his language. Research has shown that when two people in conversation use the same gestures and body movements, they will perceive themselves to be similar. They will also like each other better. First impressions matter a lot. If a person appears relaxed and smiling, you tend to assume they are open, honest and friendly. Conversely, if they appear harassed and inattentive, they come across as bad- and unfriendly. So be mindful of your expression.


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