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Seduce Your Lover

Use your voice. It's a powerful tool. Short, sharp words often imply dominance, a steady buildup in volume indicates power. Speaking too quickly- can irritate and sound as if you're trying too hard to convince, whilst too slowly sounds indifferent. Softening the tone and lowering the register is often a far more effective way of communicating than constantly, increasing pitch and stridency.

Sexy voices are incredibly seductive. Think of Marilyn Monroe's breathy tones, giving an impression of vulnerability and sensuality. Think about how stars and DJs use their voices. Many men fall for traditionally sexy voices; lowering the timbre a bit, emphasising certain words and bearing in mind whether you come across as strident or relaxed, helps.

An attractive presence can be cancelled out by an off-patting voice. One way of checking your delivery is to learn breath control and try experimenting with vocal delivery. In terms of body language your eyes are your greatest attribute. Eyes can signal interest, boredom, hostility and arousal. The body responds to danger and arousal in the same way; and postulates a theory of visualisation to increase pulling power.

If you imagine that you are in a fast car chase and your life is endangered, your body will respond to the imagined danger. Your heart will beat faster, your pupils will enlarge, your face will become flushed. These are also signals which suggest a high level of arousal and you will therefore appear more attractive. Dilation of the pupils can send a message of sexual attraction, which often affects the receiver, making him feel he likes the sender without knowing why. Eye contact is so important. It shows both interest and confidence.


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