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Guys Are Lousy With Time

It's true! Have you ever met a guy with good time management? Seldom. Guys have great organisational skills where it comes to planning activities, but when it comes to their personal lives, most guys are pigs, and they're especially so with their time management. So what happens when you come into the picture?

Well, he suddenly finds that he has to prioritise his favorite activities - fishing, bumming. 'buaya-ing" - and you. And suddenly, this wonderful hunk who has been showing so much interest in you lately decides he is unable to sacrifice his twice daily routine of combing his pet poodle. What's that all about? See, it's like this; Unless you are willing to spend time with him and his hobbies, the relationship is doomed never to get off the ground.

Start learning about cars, computers, or audio and visual systems, because the fact is, if you can't tear him away from his toys, you'd better try to join him in his pursuits. So the bottom-line is that guys are very picky when it comes to people ping their hobbies, and very defensive about it. And if you don't take their hobbies they'll back out of what ever they have with you.


Live With Or Without Guys

Just what makes guys act in such a dastardly fashion? When you finally decide NOT to play hard to get, they suddenly decide not to be gotten. Life's full of little ironies. But before you go off the deep end, take a look at some reasons why it is equally hard for you to live with or without guys.


The Control Factor

Guys are lousy with control. As in: They can't stand control. See, guys are weird creatures. You want to frighten him off? Start asking him where he is going, who he going out with, what is he doing in other words: Fill in for his mother whenever he's out with you. And if he is with you, call him maybe 25 times a day, page him twice that amount and sit back and watch how he freaks out.

Then again, some guys actually like to be controlled! It probably satisfies some deep-seated Oedipus complex type thing in them. Come at them with a whip and they will probably like you all the more for it! But seriously, the trick here is balance. If you can balance and agree on the amount of control that you have on him, the guy will not back off.



These kinds of guys should go around with a "Beware of Crocodile" sign hung around their necks. Try your best not to give any gifts that can't be returned before that wedding ring is on your fourth finger, otherwise you'd probably live to regret it. So stay clear of these creeps In the first place.


How Long Does Men Take?

To Preen For A Date

19 minutes a lot longer than seven minutes it takes when hes just meeting friends.

To Have Sex

A grant total of 54 minutes! Hell ponder over the idea for about 28 minutes. Once hes decided its the thing to do, he takes another 14 minutes to actually start foreplay. Foreplay lasts about 12 to 14 minutes before it reaches the next level.

To Socialize

34 minutes on average per day. Women, on the other hand, spend 45 minutes chatting and mingling.

To Use The Bathroom

A mere 35 seconds compared to 91 seconds for the ladies. No wonder they have hardly any queues!

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