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The Shy Brigade

Shyness is characterised by the feeling of tenseness in social situations, usually because one's social skills have not developed very well. Since shy people often avoid social situations, they don't get the opportunity to develop better social skills. And truth be said, there are many guys out there with chronic shyness problems.

Some symptoms include stuttering and stammering, blushing easily, stupid phone calls and various other examples of embarrassing behavior. So let's say that you really dig this guy, but he's really shy. What you have to do is to try and help him overcome that shyness of his.

You have to know that the shy guy will never get around to asking you out. So you have to ask him out, otherwise nothing will ever get going. Remember that this guy doesn't back out of potential relationships. He just freezes in extreme fright. Thaw him out slowly first before you move on to seasoning him for a great relationship.


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