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Kiss And Run

It's frustrating isn't it? When you have led this wonderful hunk by his nose ring around for the past two or three months and you are finally going to say yes to his repeated requests to get attached. And just at the last moment, he decides to call it off. You are left with no boyfriend, not even a prospective one... and all your plans are dashed. Why can't guys just roll over and die or something? Cowards. Yellow-bellies. And most certainly idiots.

That Thing You Do

Guys run away. It is as simple as that. Hold it. Before you pass judgement, such guys are actually not all that bad. Look at it this way: Any guy who waits too long for a girl will eventually change his target. It is inevitable. Wouldn't you get sick and tired of waiting for someone who may or may not confirm anything with you?

Believe it or not, the guys can feet that way too. So don't blame him it he suddenly loses interest. It could be anything, from a new female interest, to a simple case of death of that special feeling. So don't look upon guys too unfavorably it they go after you with all their heart and then Seem to get cold feet all of a sudden.

They are just dealing with their fears and shortcomings the only ways they know how. Next time a guy expresses a little more interest in you than is usual, take a long hard look and see it he is worth accepting, and then call to mind one or two of the above mentioned and try to apply. Hey, it's worth a try!


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