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He Is A Supermarket Cheapskate!

When 23-year-old Jess moved in with Luke, her boyfriend of 18 months, she didn't realise how frugal he could be. "Luke was still at uni, so money was tight for him. In the past, I'd always pay if we were al the supermarket so he didn't mind that everything 1 bought was top-quality.

But after we moved in together and started splitting the grocer bills, 1 was stunned when he refused point-blank to buy anything that wasn't house brand. His argument? It's just packaging, it's all the same inside. I couldn't believe it. So we compromised - if it was a generic item like soda water, paper towels or tinned tomatoes, we'd buy house brand.

But I drew the line at shampoo and toothpaste!" While your boy may not have brand phobia, chances are there'll be one or two issues where you clash. Don't worry, it's normal. But it's important to recognise the issues and address them before they fester and affect your relationship "Think bout how much you're prepared to compromise," advises relationship adviser Jaslyn suggest. "'talk it through, but don't feel you have to give way all the time. Compromise is a good thing, but not when it's you who's making all the adjustments."


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