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Did I Shack Up With A Man Or A Baby?

Some shacked-up girls love the fact that the first thing they see when they wake up is their boyfriend's face across the pillow. Or that they have an endless supply of nights to cosy up on the couch while channel-surfing. Ella isn't one of them. "When Shawn's lease ran out, he suggested moving into my flat," recalls the 28-year-old. "I was a bit apprehensive, but I came around to the idea.

I had visions of us having a really cool time together. But Ella soon found out that reality could bite. "Shawn morphed into this guy who always wanted to stay home," she says, "and he wanted me to stay home with him! If I'd go out with my friends, he'd put on his puppy-dog eyes and ask in a pathetic voice what time I'd he home.

If 1 had to work late, he'd keep calling to ask if I was leaving soon. It was like having a child, not a boyfriend! I started to feel resentful because he made me feel guilty for having a life. It got so bad that I would avoid going home. And our sex life? Out the window! So we decided to seek professional help. Shawn eventually realised he wasn't being fair to me."

Before you decide to live together, relationship advisor David says to check that you two aren't going in with mismatched expectations. And do give yourselves time to adjust. "New issues will arise so don't be surprised if it's rocky at first. It's just a settling-in period - it happens to every couple who takes their relationship to a new level."


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