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He Thinks Cleaning Is A Dirty Word

When it comes to keeping a clean house, it seems men and women really do come from different planets. All my shacked-up girlfriends mean about how their guys wear some sort of blinkers that prevents them from seeing the pile of dishes in the sink or the dust bunches peeking out from under the couch. When they do manage to get around to cleaning something, they take forever, do a crap job, and then expect us to worship the ground they walk on.

"After much nagging, Tim finally got around to cleaning our bathroom. 1 headed out for a shopping trip with my friend just as he was beginning to scrub away," remembers Daphne', 26. "When 1 got home three hours later, he was only just finishing. He did a good job, but I don't understand bow something that takes me just 20 minutes took him three hours!"

In an ideal world, you'd share domestic duties without any hassle. But every girl who lives with her boyfriend knows that's not the case in the real world - unless she's living with an anal retentive who has a hissy fit every time she leaves the lid off the shower gel. If he really abhors cleaning, strike up a deal and get him to do something that you really hate in exchange, like hanging out the washing or emptying the bins. Everything's negotiable, but do it before you move in - not six months down the track when you're seething with resentment. "Set some basic rules, just like you would do with a flatmate," suggests relationship adviser Hollonds.

For the arrangement to work out, you'll have to learn some necessary skills. "Sharing a home as a couple implies working together as a team," explains relationship adviser Hollonds. "This involves more sharing, more compromising and more negotiating. It also entails learning how to be more sensitive to each other's needs. Living together is one of those things you can really learn only by experience. You'll have no idea what it's like until you finally take the leap."


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