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Down In The Dumps

Unless you've been caught hanky-pankying with his buddy, a guy's reasons for breaking up can be utterly mysterious. Here are a few possible reasons for his out-of-the-blue move to Splitsville.


You Tried To Change Him

In the beginning, you accepted him as he was, but you soon found fault with his table manners, his hairstyle, even the movies he 1 likes. The message he gets: I'm not good enough for j you (or I'll find someone who thinks I am).

You Are Not Interested In Sex

You have feigned one too many headaches and he can't see himself living in pent-up frustration for the rest of his life.

You Know Him Too Well

When you start to read him like a book, he may feel emotionally exposed. Add immaturity and a battled-scarred past to the equation and he's out the door!


He Doesn't See Himself Marrying You

His mate may be asking him to make an honest woman out of you, but he's not buying it. He's convinced that marriage is a straight route to prison, complete with ball and chain - and you as dour prison-warden wife.

He Has Met Someone Else

He loves you but he hardly notices that you're there. A new girl appears in his life and he starts thinking there's more to life than staying with you. Unfortunately, this girl makes him feel alive in a way that you don't.

"And It Was All Because Of Me!"

Lady, you have more power over your man than you real women who helped their men dress better, look better, and feel better. What work? Not nagging but softly words of praise and thoughtful acts do the trick every time.

"When we were first dating, I was shocked to find out he only showered in the morning, not at night. So I waited for the right time to casually mention that  my future husband would be the kind of guy who showers twice a day. He changed his ways in a snap." Joanne, 26

"We signed up for a wine course as a Christmas gift for each other. Now he's quite the connoisseur and orders like a pro. Next year, we're going to go on a wine tour holiday. It was nice to be able to give him a new interest." Patricia, 25

"When he wants to go out, I tell him that I'm going running or swimming at the club. This is what got him started working out." Serene, 28

"Don't ever put your guy down. I always praise him and make him feel like a million bucks. Then I say, 'And you'll look even better with this!' Guess what? Now, he really does look like a million buck!" Jane, 30

"He had just lose some weight and an inch off his waist, so I suggested, we go shopping. He picked up a ho-hum pair of jeans in a designer boutique and made for the fitting room. Instead of telling him what I thought. I just asked the saleslady to pass him a hip, black pair instead. He ended up buying both!" Trina 31

"Even when you're in different fields, you can support each other's career work colleagues and friends to his new restaurant, which is fast becoming a success." Audrey, 24

Help Him Look Better, Feel Better, Live Better

You know he's a cutie, but oh, there's always room for improvement.

Here Are Tips To Help Him Do It....

The Good Life

Is your guy a spendthrift who works 24/7 and never has the time to enjoy? It's your job to help him enjoy all life has to offer. Learn a sport together. Cultivate his style. Invest in true luxury.

Heaven Scent

Despite the abundance of men's fragrances, very few men get their fragrance right, either by choosing the wrong cologne or not wearing anything at all. And yet, the way a guys smells spells the difference between so-so and sensational. Help your guy find the fragrance that's right for you.


Some men actually wash their faces with the same bar of soap they use on their armpits. Men should actually cleanse (with a facial!), exfoliate and moisturise, just like we do. And make him aware that skincare is not just for women.

Yo Dude, Yoga

At the end of the day, wellness shows no gender. Many respectable men are discovering the wondrous benefits of yoga, not to mention feeling their stresses dissipate with every session of this age-old exercise. Help your guy tap into his inner zen with a yoga membership. Better yet, get one for yourself!


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