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Unleash The Seductress

I've watched Elizabeth Berkeley in showgirls and Demi Moore in striptease, and I know that it takes more than just a lick of the lips and come-hither eyes to perform a good show of seduction. So I signed up for a lap-dancing workshop to learn more about the art of seduction and to find out if I had it in me to be a seductress. But while I certainly could do a wink and a pour and a wiggle, I wasn't sure about an actual lap dance.

I have to admit, though, that it's hard to turn on the seduction when you are busy concentrating on getting the steps right and doing it to the right beat. As in everything, practice makes perfect. The first few rounds saw me clumping around my partner like a robot, desperately trying to remember what steps came next. I made an effort to feel less self-conscious and more seductive, truing to let go of my inhibitions and find the sexiness within.

And every time that failed, 1 did the next best thing - I laughed. Finally; I forced myself not to think about the steps and the moves did gradually become smoother. The more I get into it, the more fun it became. Soon, I could do the whole routine, save for a few missed steps and some awkward moments. As I've realised, you move a lot better when you're relaxed. Lap dancing was a good way to unwind, feel sexy and pick tip a few tips on letting go of your inhibitions. Here is the few tips for starters:

  • Don't focus too much on the moves and steps.
  • Remember that there's no right or wrong with this dance it's all about self-expression.
  • Eye and body contact is very important.
  • Feel sexy, let your guard down and have fun. Don't take yourself too seriously.
  • Keep in mind that if s basically about entertaining your partner.
  • It's a very interactive dance, so pay more attention to your facial expressions and less on your dance moves.

They're Back! Hot Lips

Give your glosses a rest. The lipstick is back in the limelight, even more striking than ever despite being 5,000 years old. Here's how you can wear your favorite shade.


When using a nude lippie, play up your eye with stronger colors for that smouldering, just-rolled-out-of-bed look. First, rid your lips of any rough flakes and then apply a layer of balm. Next, line your lips with a nude-colored lip pencil, blend the color into the lips and apply the lipstick.


red lips should look slightly smudged - like you've just been passionately kissed. With a lip pencil, draw a broken line around your lips then finger-smudge it to avoid a harsh outline. Fill your lips with lipstick, blot, then top everything off with a second layer of color.


Too much of a girly color can have an ageing effect. Keep the look fresh with an eyeshadow in green or brown. For the lippie, go for warm pinks and peaches, which suit Asian skin tones better. Fill your lips with a neutral-colored lip pencil (this will serve as base for the lipstick to stick to), then apply lipstick. Keep blush as neutral as possible.


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