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Fresh For Your Picking!

Take inspiration from this season's gorgeous blooms and create smoky eyes in Spring's loveliest shades, from rose pink to iris purple to grass green.

Petal Pink

The color that keeps making a repeat appearance in all cosmetic aisles and everyone's vanity is, without question, pink. Although Spring is generally the reason for pastels, the pinks this year are a bit spunkier. We're seeing hybrids like pink-bronze, pink-lavender and pink-apricot - all still beautifully natural-looking. For a pretty flush to match, choose a pink with gold glint or flecks. To make smoky eye effect more interesting, concentrate the shading at the centre of eyelids and softly smudge the under-eyes.

Naturally Nude

For Spring, nude is possibly the biggest color tend in makeup. Colors are desert-inspired - think smouldering, earthy tones and taupe. How can you pull off a nude look that doesn't fall flat or look dull? The trick is to mix textures. While eyes are shimmering and smoky in natural shades, keep lips to barely there colors but do make them slightly glossy. For a conventional smoky look, contour the outer corners of eyes and the bottom lash lines. Then gently smudge to blend the colors.

Mauve Madness

A pretty alternative that usually crops up during the autumn and winter seasons, mauve is the romantic sister to girlie pink. It's more antique than royal - think amethyst, a deep lilac or a pale shade of plum. This color is more versatile than you think. It goes great with most other eye colors like midnight blue, ballet pink, pearly white and gunmetal grey. To create this dreamy smoky look, shade and smudge eye colors gently all over - both on upper and lower eyelids.

Garden Green

Who'd have thought - green amidst lush pretty florals? But what's floral without foliage? Instead of the deep and vibrant spruce green spotted last season, this Spring's green is more muted. Shades range from sage to moss to teal. For a look that's down-to-earth, go natural on the rest of your face with just a touch of bronze or toffee on cheeks and lips. Shade and line eyes with a darker shade of eyeshadow. Intensify that look by going over it with a soft kohl pencil and smudging the outer corners.

Beauty In Order

Besides relying on express m ultitaslcing products, having a clutter-free bathroom or dresser is a sure beauty shortcut.

  • Instead of leaving them in their original packaging, small items like cotton balls, tweezers and eye pencil sharpeners can be packed in clear containers. You're less likely to waste time hunting for them.
  • Everyday items like moisturisers and cleansers should be within arm's reach. Don't you find it a hassle to have to move more than two jars or tubes to reach something? Leave enough space so that your products are easily accessible and just as easy to store.
  • Streamline your beauty arsenal by tossing out items that serve the same function. You don't really need three toners, do you? And keep in mind that most products expire a year after opening, so that's reason to throw out that sunblock you've been saving for your next beach holiday.
  • Buy dividers or separate containers to store your beauty items according to function. Your makeup brushes can all go into a roomy pencil holder while leave-in conditioners and hairsprays can stand together in a basket for hair products.
  • If you really can't resist buying a new moisturiser or a new box of sheet masks, store them in a dry spot in your fridge instead of clogging your dresser. Some skincare products keep longer when chilled-just make sure you don't forget about them!

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