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How To Wear A Hanbok

Step 1 Put On The Underwear

Yes, ii is actually underwear, although it looks like any ether virginal slip dress. Do not let your Korean hunk see you in this --unless you plan to tape it off soon.

Step 2 Put On The Skirt

You year Ibis more like a dress titan a skirt and it's fastened from behind with ribbons. Optional: More layers of skirts under the dress add volume. The puffier the skirt, the richer it means you are Secure the ribbons in front of you.

Step 3 Wear The Inner 'Bolero'

What did we say about layers? 'This bolero-lace piece goes - on next.

Step 4 Wear The Outer 'Bolero'

Here is the last piece of clothing. Left flap over right flap, or the ribbons won't work later. In this hanbok, the top and bottom pieces match, but the costume comes in all colors. The classic hanbok has bright colors on top and darker colors on the bottom. Next, tie a knot. Then make a loop with the longer ribbon, and pass the shorter one over it. Make another knot so that the two straps hang down.

How To Dress Sexy

There's sexy, and there's skanky. Think of that fine, fine line that Paris Hilton treads with her threads. Obviously, don't do sheer, mini, slits, peek-a-boo, and low-cut all at once. Bare some skin, by all means, but only as much as you're comfortable with - tugging and fidgeting with your outfit is not sexy.

  • Add subtle sex appeal by pairing a revealing item with a more conservative one like a backless i top with tailored pants.
  • Accessories on their own can - add to your allure. Imagine a pendant on a long chain that subtly draws attention to your cleavage.
  • The best way to be sexy? Show off your best assets: You can be in a simple sleeveless top, but draw attention to your toned arms by wearing a bangle on your upper arm. Remember to tone down your make-up as well - not everyone can pull off Gwen Stefani's red lips and va-va-voom get-ups.

How To Dress Boho

  • Bohemian is easy, casual chic that asserts "Anything goes!" If the earthy look isn't your thing, go "haute hippie". Central to any boho chick's wardrobe are pieces in lightweight cotton and chiffon, which can be thrown together and layered for an eclectic look.
  • Details to go for: ruffles and gathers, embroidery, fringes, beading, and lace.
  • Go for flowing, not oversized - you want bohemian, not bag lady.
  • Accessories should be overstated: a wide belt, a funky scarf, a chunky necklace... Again, anything goes wood, shell, leather, metal, semi-precious stones, even plastic - it's how you work it.

How To Dress Classic

  • Pick more structured cuts in neutral, muted shades like black, white, navy, grey, beige, or camel. Skip bright colors and busy prints.
  • Contrast piping or subtle accents add instant pizzazz.
  • Pull the look together with the right accessories. Pearls are the quintessential choice-try a strand with ribbon ties for an updated look. A simple strand of large beads looks good too. Keep earrings simple - studs or drop earrings are an ideal choice 
  • Complete the look with covered pumps, peep-toes, D'Orsays, or ballet pumps.    

Toga Tops

It's time to shrug it off, ladies. Toga - or one-shoulder - dresses and blouses are all the rage again, judging from the recent Academy Awards. Some of the evening's best-dressed, including actresses Salma Hayek (below), Keira Knightley and Halle Berry, appeared in toga-style dresses. Elegant if done right, the toga style is a classic look that adds a womanly touch to any outfit.

Here's How You Can Recreate The Look With Toga Tops

  • Toga tops tend to flatter most body types. Just look at the well-endowed Hayek and rail-thin Knightley. Both looked equally siren-like in their dresses.
  • Look cool by picking tops in bright, unusual colors such as Hayek's eye-catching blue.
  • Pair flowing toga tops with slim-cut jeans, and close-fitting tops with long flare skirts, for contrast.
  • Watch that posture. The toga cut will emphasise the set of your shoulders, so remember to walk tall.

Why Do Stroppy Sandals Look So Mismatched With Skirt Suits? What Are My Alternatives To Pumps?

Ah, the jacket-suit-naked-feet faux pas. Barely-there footwear tike skinny-strap kitten heels and flat slip-ons can work when you're in a short-sleeved top or sleeveless dress. But when you're all covered up on top in a long-sleeved shirt or jacket, your look needs to be anchored with 'weightier footwear. Sandals with simple, wide straps can work, but get a pair that fastens around your ankle so your feet don't look naked from the back. Save your dainty stroppy heels for the weekend.

Get Started On Your Color Experiment With These Ensemble Ideas

Polish up a severe-looking pants ensemble with strands of ladylike necklaces. The elements: Grey tailored pants with fitted brown cardigan. Thrown on long pearl necklaces and a chunky masculine brown leather strap watch. Finish with brown stiletto

Clinch the waist with the season's so-hot wide belt to give corporate dressing the stamp of cool. The elements: Grey sheath dress with brown belt or vice versa. The perfect accessories and a cool, boxy brown bag.

Bow Over

Love bows but not sure how to wear one? Just follow these runway tips.

  • Start small. You don't want to look like a birthday present.
  • Bows make great belts - try wearing them to one side for a quirky look.
  • Avoid complications. Keep hair neatly groomed and makeup to a minimal.

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