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Mix And Mismatch

Woman Aged 20 to 40 are the most likely to get depressed. This is because hormonal cycles like menstruation, childbirth (postnatal, depression) and menopause can trigger negative emotions. The early symptoms include insomnia, fatigue and loss of appetite.

You gradually lose interest in the things you once enjoyed, like social activities. You also lack drive and motivation to carry out simple tasks. Seek treatment - if you're suffering from any of the symptoms for more than two weeks: If left untreated, depression can take aver your life.

No matter how bad you feel, never self-medicate. Here's the danger:

Double Dosing

Over-the-counter drugs usually go by brand names, riot chemicals. "You may unknowingly be taking dangerous amounts of one medicine that's an ingredient in multiple brands," says psychiatrist Adrian. Many cold and flu pills contain acetaminophen, a pain reliever which can kill in large doses, and antihistamines, which can cause excessive drowsiness when combined with other medications.

Mixing Alcohol With Pills

Especially sleeping pills. You can become oversedated, have difficulty breathing, experience headaches and vomiting.

Untested Herbal Remedies

Who knows what killer chemicals may be in them. Just because they're natural products doesn't mean they can't hurt you. They may react badly with prescription drugs.

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