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I Want Candy

Forget the dark smoudering looks of Valentines past and leads you into a sparkling dance of love with the bold, vibrant colors of your favorite sweet treats.

Blueberry Sundae

For a feminine touch, shimmery, bright blues work best. Brush a vibrant blue onto the entire lid, oil the way into the crease, and line as lose to the lashes as possible - both upper and lower lashlines - with a strong, bright blue. Cheeks are given a rosy glow with a soft pink, while lips get juicy with a glossy peach pout.

Rashberry Sorbert

Pucker up with passion. To get the best effect, line lips with a red lip liner, fill the lips in and then paint on your favorite red with a lip brush. Keep everything else clean - just line eyes, add some false lashes for some oomph and coat with mascara. Vivid red nails complete the look.

Apply Sourz

Eyes take centrestage with vibrant greens. To make them pop, brush on eyeshadow from lashline to brow bone. With such a strong shade, you don't need much more: a little mascara and some lip balm and you're good to go.

Black Cherry

You don't want to end up looking like Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark, so keep this look simple. Accentuate the eyes with thick liquid liner, add false lashes for va-va-voom and sweep lashes with mascara. For nails, add silver tips to take the French manicure into the new millennium.

Corrective For Nose Using Highlighting And Shading

Large Or Protruding Nose

This made to look smaller by applying dark foundation or shader inside the natural bone lines of the nose. Shade the sides of the nostrils and septa to make it look narrower.

Thin Short Nose

This is widened by applying a lighter foundation or highlight down its central bone, stopping at its tip. To make it look longer, take shading up to eyebrow (creating illusion of length).

Long Nose

To make it look shorter, start shading only at the side of th eye. The underside should also be shaded.

Crooked Nose

When the nose is crooked, straight lines of shading can be applied to the sides and a straight line of highlighting to the center of the nose. This creates the illusion of a straight nose.


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