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Problems: My feet are rough and they cracked, especially around the heel. How can I get pretty feet?

Solutions: What your feet need is some good of pampering. Exfoliate and moisturise daily. Use a pumice stone or scrub to clean and soften your feet while you shower. Then treat your feet to a nourishing foot cream and wear socks to let your footsies absorb it.

Problems: When I apply concealer under the eyes, it makes my wrinkles and puffiness look worse. How should I use it so that it reduces the creasing and puffiness?

Solutions: Stay away from very creamy concealers as they tend to be oilier and make creases more obvious. Could you be applying way too much concealer and foundation? That can also worsen the appearance of wrinkles as the makeup settles into the lines. Instead, set concealer with a light dusting of translucent powder-this helps even out texture and brighten the area. Sorry, you can't conceal puffy eyes, but you can minimise them with a good eye mask. Store your eye cream in the fridge before use or place thin cucumber slices over your eyes. The coldness will help reduce puffiness and refresh eyes too.

Problems: I get panda eyes by the end of the day because my non-waterproof mascara fades. I know I should get a waterproof wand, but it tends to irritate my contact lens. Any tips?

Solutions: It's all in the details. The wide array of mascaras out there means you can search for your perfect wand easily. Look for a non-waterproof mascara with long-wearing formula to prevent running and smudging. Among the waterproof choices, look for the kind that's certified hypoallergenic and safe for contact lenses. You can also opt for a mascara with natural ingredients like beeswax- also contacts-friendly.


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