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Why Guy Are Always Like That?

Why Do Guys Never Listen And Always Forget What Girls Say?

Guy Speaks Up

Think about it girls - do you really talk too much? When you go shopping and there are many options to choose from, you should say only what is necessary if you want your guy friends to listen. It is certainly not girls' fault for being long-winded. After all, girls eventually learn to nag like their moms. As it is, when mothers nag, boys let it into one ear and out the other.

In addition, girls have the tendency to repeat things over and over again! For example, "I've got headache", which they say everyday! How would us guys really know when it's genuine or otherwise? Please girls, just say what you really mean and not beat around the bush. Don't blame us guys if they act nonchalant about what you say if talking too much!"

What Ever Happened To Chivalry?

Guy Speaks Up

I reckon women are now more independent and self-reliant, and they aren't afraid to show their independence and ability to survive by themselves in our increasingly competitive world. Chivalry has thus become something more of a tradition. I don't think that it was ever lost, though, just that it occurs less often now, especially with all the barriers and feminism.

Why Are Most Guys Oblivious To Dirt?

Guy Speaks Up Actually guys are not being bothered by their appearance! It's just how much they choose t show it, it doesn't mean that a guy who has uncombed hair, grass-stained clothes or severe acne does not care about his appearance& it probably just means that he has other more productive and meaningful stuff to do than look at his reflection all day.


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