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Nail That Ring-Manicure Match!

Never though polish and jewellery could go hand in hand? Here are some inspirations for creative matchmaking.

Opulently Goth

For a fashionista, dark and near-back polish is like the essential LBD. Here, the heavy color is made chic by the elegant shape of nails. Forget skulls and crossbows. Think Swarovskl crystals. Best paired with: An oxidised or sterling silver ring with dark crystals embedded

Funky Art Nouveau

Use a rich, dark hue for the base color and create a marble effect by dotting on a bright tone (go for neon for a stark contrast). Quickly swirl the top color with a needle or pin while the polish is still wet. This method will yield a slightly different design everytime but don't worry about it. Just be creative. Relatively long and square shaped nails are better for this look. Best paired with: A ring that features an interesting detail, like a large stone or a striking pattern.

Bright And Quirky

If you want to break away from the usual manicure, have fun with bubblegum colors and nail art. You can have a whole garden on your hand by adding a different element for each or alternate nail. The quickest foolproof way to achieve nail art is with stickers. Best paired with: A ring with an unusual design, like this one with dried flowers.

Delicately Feminine

If you have dainty, petite and porcelain fair hands, your nails will look perfect in  near-buck-naked hues with a hint of iridescent pearl, pink or beige. Great for women who have short or slim nail beds and are not comfortable with brighter dark manicures. Best paired with: An exquisitely slim band that has delicate diamonds, crystals or semi-precious stone details.

Pretty Classic

Bridal favorite pink-and-white French manicure looks fabulous on everyone - yes, regardless of skin tone, shape and length of nails. Sheer, shimmery pink polish instantly makes your hands look pretty and feminine. Best paired with: An engagement ring, of course! A single-pearl or a crystal-studded ring would work beautifully too.

Quick Solutions To Clean Jewellery


Lotions, powders and soaps leave a film on diamonds. Diamonds, plus other hard stones such as sapphires, rubies and garnets, can be washed in a bowl of warm suds made with mild home liquid detergent. Brush them with a toothbrush while they are in the suds, taking care not to damage settings. Transfer to a wire strainer and rinse under running water. (Put the plug in your sink so you don't lose stones). Pat dry with a lint-free cloth.


Pearls get shinier with wear as the acid from skin adds lustre. Just wipe with a soft cloth after you take them off. Avoid abrasive cloths as they wear away the pearl's nacre. Re-string pearls professionally every three years.


Clean with mild soap and water, rinse and dry with a soft cloth. To remove tarnish, rub with a silver cloth (from Perlini's outlets); tissue paper fibres can scratch. If using a silver cleaner, keep it away from stones set in silver.


These are between 3 and 20 per cent water, so they are fragile. Store each piece in its own padded cloth bag and do not expose to high heat, direct sunlight, hot lights, low-humidity bank vaults or temperature extremes. Solid opals can be occasionally rinsed in cool water, but most opals are "doublet" or "triplets" - layers of opal stuck together. Water will make them fall apart; just clean them using a soft, dry cloth.


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