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Falsies And Flares

Step 1

Hold the falsie to your eye to check if you need to trim its width. It should start about 0.5cm from the inner comer to the last eyelash at the outer comer of the eye. Trim off excess width from the outer comer of each falsie with a pair of cuticle or eyebrow.

Step 2

Curl and apply mascara on your natural eyelashes so you will not see two obvious layers of real and false eyelashes later.

Step 3

Apply glue on the lash bone

Step 4

Stick the falsie on top of your real eyelashes starting from the outer comer. Leave about 0.5cm space from the inner comer to avoid the falsies scratching your eyes. Adjust and re-apply glue if necessary.

Step 5

Brush off excess dried glue with an eyebrow comb.

Step 6

Go over the glue parts with an eyeliner .f am- shows through.

Step 7

Curl both real and fake eyelashes together if desired, but do so gently to preserve the fake eyelashes fox reuse.

Tip: Trim only the width of the Palsies, but not the length of the lashes, The reason? You will cut off the tapered end, resulting in a blunt, unglam look.

For Flare Lashes

Step 1

With a tweezer, hold the falsie at a right angle with the curve facing upwards if it is for the upper eyelid, Face it downwards for the lower eyelid.

Step 2

Dip the lash bone in glue and wait for about 70 seconds for it to rum tacky.

Step 3

Start from the outer comer and stick it on areas with sparse eyelashes, or space them out equally. Leave about 0.5cm from the inner corner to avoid the scratchy feeling. Step 4: Go over the lash bone with eyeliner if the glue shows through.

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