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Eyelash Extensions

An eyelash extension. can last up to two months if you take care not to rub your eyes or dislodge them when removing eye makeup.

Step 1

Discuss your desired eyelash length with your make-up artist. She will advise if the length and thickness of your real lashes can withstand the heavy weight of the extensions.

Step 2

Clean your eyelashes so that the fake lashes can adhere properly.

Step 3

Place a plastic film over the lower eyelashes and dab moisturiser just below the eyes to slick the film in place. This is to separate the bottom from the top eyelashes.

Step 4

Tidy the top eyelashes with a mini comb.

Step 5

Dip each fake strand of hair in black glue and attach on top of the real eyelash with a tweeter. The spacing of each fake lash depends on the customer's request and budget.

Step 6

An air pump is used to dry the completed extensions quickly.

Step 7

The plastic film is removed along with the moisturiser.

Tip: The extensions can withstand activities like swimming, but don't rub your eyes too hard or disturb the lashes when removing other eye makeup. Return to the salon for touch-ups or for removal.


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