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Skirt Chasers

A flirty skirt is a girly essential in every wardrobe. We teach you how to look every bit a lady in the best fitting skirts for your body type.

You're Short

Work skirts to visually lengthen your legs - you can try mid calves together with heels to add some height. Avoid skirts that sport complicated detailed like ruffles and lace as they visually add more bulk and weigh down your small frame. Trim, slim skirt styles are the best bet for you. Mini skirts will make your legs look stronger too.

You're Tall

You're a prime candidate for tiered skirts, while ruffled hemlines and mid-calf and longer styles work well for you. While you might have the long slender legs to flaunt, mini skirts actually make your legs look even lankier and out of proportion.

You Have Small Hips

Choose skirts that have little more detail waist down, as they help to pile on volume without actually causing you to look like a mini muffin. Because you are slim, shorter styles will work for you. Have fun with micro minis and sorter skirt lengths.

You Have Big Hips

Look out for straight skirt styles with vertical details, such as centre front seam or pleats, or vertical seam lines that help to break the expanse of fabric across wider hips. Avoid tiered skirts, as well as clingy ones that only serve to further accentuate big hips.

There are usually three appropriate skirt lengths for you. Determine what's the best for you using this method:

  • Stand in front of a full-length mirror in shoes with the average heel height you usually wear. Hold a piece of fabric in front of you, draped to the floor.
  • Gradually raise the fabric to several different locations on your leg and notice that as you raise the hemline up an down, your leg will look thicker or thinner at different sports. The goal is to choose three lengths that are flattering to your leg and your over all proportions - near the knee, around the calf area, and at the ankle.
  • If you wear a variety of heel heights, repeat to determine the best lengths with each one..

Why Grey Totally Works?

It Can Go Sweet In A Soap

With a pinch of lavender or icy pink, grey becomes  prettier and more romantic. For an interesting finish, mix in some gold accessories.

It Can Handle Rich Hues.

Use deep or cool grey as an accent for luxe hues such as teal, ruby, emerald and sapphire. Grey gives depth to these rich colors.

It's Just As Chic As Black

As much as we love black, there are moments that call for the softer-yet-still-chic grey. While black is often too harsh to be mixed with some shades, grey can perk up a second color.

Dress Smart To Suit Your Shape

Celebrate your shape with fashion choices that make the most of what you've got. Try these tips:

To Minimise Your Rear

Do: Try softly flowing bias cut skirts, (and wear them with a half-slip), for an instantly sleeker and sexier silhouette.

Don't: Wear A-line skirts or tunic dresses in stiff fabrics. Because they hang straight down from your widest part, they make you look "bottom heavy".

To Make Legs Look Longer

Do: Try the new season's platform wedges and stacked high heels. They add height yet are more comfy than stilettos.

Do: Try bootcut jeans or trousers in dark shades. Keep pant legs long and wear heels - the pant hems should end at your instep, not the ankle.

Don't: Wear shoes with ankle straps as they "cut off" your legs and make you look shorter. Slingbacks are a better look.

Don't: Wear skirts or pants that end at mid-calf (the widest part of your lower leg). Knee-length, or just above, flatters more.

To Hide A Round Tummy

Do: Try skirts with pleats that are sewn down over the hips. The combination of trim hips and a flared hem flatters you. Tiered skirts also work.

Do: Try this season's 50's stilettos of fitted shirt and full skirt.

Do: Try flat-round trousers teamed with a fitted jacket or coat that ends at mid-thigh.

Don't: wear too-tight pencil skirts and belts

Don't: Even look at pants with pleats across the stomach or skirts with gathered waists!

Flower Power

Flirty, fun and flattering, dresses with  prints are one of the season's biggest trends. Mix them with another hot style sundresses - and you get a, winning mix for summer. printed sundresses lend an air of girlishness that will spruce up any event, just take a leaf from actress Amy Adams (above), who looked pretty in pink and purple at the recent independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica.

Here Are Some Tips On How To Carry Off The Look

  • Bigger prints work well for larger-sized women, while smaller prints look better on slimmer ones 
  • Choose interesting prints that will stand out in a crowd.
  • Adapt the sundress for office wear by throwing on a smart jacket or cardigan in a solid color.
  • Dress up with stroppy heels or get the relaxed beach look with sandals or wedges.

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