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Aromatic Conception

The daily hussle of getting ot work on time, seeing that your job is done well, attending to the needs of parents and siblings, being there for friends and your spouse. We think nothing of it after all, it's just part of life as a daughter, partner, friend and employee.

But as one in very five women who try to conceive every year finds, the lifestyle we take for granted can take a toll on our well-being, and our reproductive health tends to show the signs of stress most clearly.

Hoping to avoid the trials of both painful and expensive IVF treatments, some women are looking to natural therapies as a first line of help. Couple may try a complementary therapy approach before considering medical interventions such as assisted conception or to prepare the body to deal with surgical or other physically demanding medial procedures.

They can also be used together with traditional medical infertility treatments to improve a women's overall health and relieve the stress associated with intensive medical treatment. While few scientific studies exist that support the effectiveness of complementary therapies, anecdotal evidence indicates that they are beneficial in treating problems of fertility.

These work best when treating fertility problems caused by ovulation or menstrual irregularities and for idiopathic infertility. An idiopathic infertility is an "explained" occurrences of infertility. The most popular complementary therapies for infertility are acupuncture, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy, reflexology, yoga, massage and naturopathy.

It is important to note however, that people using both complementary therapies and conventional treatments inform their doctor about the kind of complementary treatment they are receiving especially if they are consuming herbal mixtures. This is because the interactions of herbal mixtures with treatments such as fertility drugs are largely unknown.

A popular form of alternative medicine is aromatherapy and this involves the use of essential oils extracted from plants. The oils can be administered via massages, as a bath oil and through vaporization. Essential oils can be used alone, but more commonly, a few oils are used in a blend designed for a specific purpose. Because essential oils are highly concentrated, they are usually mixed with base oils such as almond or grapeseed.

While some oils are anti-inflammatory, some are sedating and others stimulating. They can bring about significant changes to moods and troubling health conditions and can stimulate the production of hormones.

In this regard, aromatherapy is believed to aid in regulating women's fertility cycles and can also be beneficial for its relaxing and stress relieving properties. As some essential oils should not be used in pregnancy, ladies wanting to use aromatherapy to treat infertility should consult a qualified practitioner.

Everyday Luxury

We all work hard for our money so we deserve to spoil ourselves silly every now and then. But I'm not talking about buying a new car or going on a 30-day Mediterranean cruise. For the 21st-century girl, luxury must also be practical and accessible. Meanwhile, go ahead and indulge -you can well afford these little luxuries.

Treat Your Body Well

That means giving it a bit more extra attention. Don't just shower and go. Luxuriate in a full bath and body routine (just on the weekend if you really don't have the time), which includes exfoliating and lathering on a moisture-boosting lotion. I promise you'll have smooth-as-tofu skin after.

Suggest A Girl's Day In

It's time to bring back the slumber party and spend a fun-filled yet relaxing weekend at a friend's place or check into a hotel room with a blissful bathtub. Give each other a pedicure, watch a movie and take turns getting a really good soak (sea salts are great for a detox while lavender bath treats make lovely relaxants).

Sneak In A Spa Treat On Your Next Business Trip

Plan ahead! Find out what spa facilities are available in the hotel you'll be staying in. Book a massage before the start of a busy day of meetings and presentations, or end of the evening just before you turn in.


If it's retail therapy you're after, why not splurge on that one item you're so lusting for? It could be a limited-edition makeup palette, designer fragrance or luxe cream. Hey, every girl deserves to feel pampered and pretty. Find out what's splurge-worthy this month in Beauty Bar.

Catch More ZZZs

There's nothing worse than being sleep-deprived. Too many fate nights in the office can do more harm to your health and skin than you think. Try to unwind before you hit the bed and get at least six hours of sleep each day. And no matter how tempting it may be, don't sleep in for the entire weekend - you don't want to wake up with a killer headache! A 15-minute catnap is enough to do wonders.


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