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Spring Hair - Revamp Your Hair

Revamp your look with the sexiest hairstyles. Sleep and smooth or rough and textured, the latest hair trends can be as simple as effortless as finger-combing waves or fastening a ponytail in places. Hairstyles fun the gamut - from glam curls to click ponytails.

Great Waves

Time to get seriously glamorous with voluminous curls that bounce as you strut down the street. Curls look cool when they begin halfway down the head. Start working the thong from ear level, then comb out the curls with fingers before finishing off with hairspray to set the look.

Let's Twist Again

None of those neat nanny buns. Chic chignons of today look relaxed but exude enough sophistication for evening hair. One of the best twists is the fan-shaped. Tie a low ponytail, then turn in the tail to make a loop. Secure with pins from inside the hold. Use the remaining ends to cover the hairband.

Grown-up Ponytail

It's the return to innocence with smooth ponytails swinging from side to side on many runways, including Prada and Sonia Rykiel. Don't pull high up if you don't want the schoolgirl look. Instead get low for a mature option and accompany it with a pretty scarf-a great alternative to ribbons and barettes.


The braid was hot last spring and it's still very much in demand at many backstage shows this season. But it calls for more creativity to add spunk to this milkmaid style. Loop it to the other side or have a few tiny braids amidst loose curls, or plait the hair then twist it into a bun. The style is yours to experience.

Ride The Wave

Tousled layers and gentle waves breathe new life, into sleek, straight hair. It's time to bid farewell to your rebounded locks, and embrace a softer, more romantic look. To create the uneven waves, mist dry sections with a texturising spray, wrap around a curling iron, and finger-fluff to gently separate and define curls.

Knots Landing

Forget prissy and neat. A tousled bun can look dressed up and sexy. The secret to this rough-and-tumble look is securing the knot loosely - almost haphazardly - with a few U-shaped and bobby pins for a gentle wisp-spilling effect.

On The Fringe

From full and heavy to short and cropped, bangs are definitely back in style. For a futuristic in an symmetrical slant, while adding some shine and frizz-free serum for a sleek finish.

Show Pony

A neat and high ponytail always looks sexy. To ensure that stray or gel. Finish off by wrapping a strand of hair or leather band around the elastic and fasten with a bobby pin for a touch of elegance.

Keep It Long And Lovely

Aye aye, we hear ya! You like long, straight hair because it works, regardless of face shape. But don't just let it hang limp. jazz it up with color, cut or any of the following styles.

Pump Up The Ponytail

The ponytail is not only a timeless classic, it's an international favorite. It's great for those don't-want-to-stress-about-hair days. And it looks supersexy if you keep it well groomed in front (by smoothing on shine serum or balm), and totally undone at the back (by scrunching in some wax). Start with an all-over spritzing of a styling gel or spray for easier styling.

New Twist:  Notice how this pony appears to have more volume? You can achieve that by taking a small section of hair from each side of the ponytail and bring over and secure with pins. It puffs up an otherwise plain ponytail.

Make Rippled Waves

When it comes to creating waves in your hair, the 8os spiral curl continues to be a hit. To curl, coat your palms with styling wax and scrunch, scrunch, scrunch! Wind half-inch sections around two fingers, then slide fingers out and pin hair that's still in a loop against your scalp with a small clip. Blow-dry for five minutes then air-dry. Remove clips and flip hair upside down. Rough up hair at the roots then toss back your waves. For stubborn straight hair, twirl sections of hair with a curling iron (start an inch from the roots) then finger-comb through.

Style Tip: If you haven't worn a headband since secondary school, it's time to get reacquainted. Get girlie with a slim elastic hair band or ladylike with a ribbon.

Meet Halfway

This style was spotted at Valentino's Spring/Summer Zoo6 show. To recreate it, do the same as you would to create curls in your straight locks first. Centre-part your hair, comb down the top half section of your hair and secure with bobby pins or add your favorite clips. For better hold, add a little styling gel onto your comb or mist some hairspray in your palm to tame any kinks or flyaway strands.

Do The Boho Plait

Forget the schoolgirl or Maid Marion braid, instead go for a look that's more chic and now. Inspired by the Rochas Spring/Summer 2006 show, this look is urban yet a little romantic with a tiny braid to rim the front of hair- what a great way to keep hair off your forehead!

New Twist: Start plaiting from the side part using "the scorpion" plait. Finish by bringing the plait across the forehead, following the hairline. Pull to the back and secure. Twist the rest of the hair on your crown and bring to the back. You can choose to let the rest of the hair fall or complete the look with a side braid that starts just below the ear. Twirl it into a chignon.


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