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How To Spot A Phone Pervert?

A few years ago, you had to spend a few hundred dollars to get tiny spy cameras if you wanted to do top-secret surveillance work. These thumb-sized cameras could be cleverly embedded into devices like clocks, smoke detectors, radios and other harmless-looking devices. Buying them was not easy either. You had to look for security firms, specialty shops or order these devices over the Internet.

These days, such cameras cost almost nothing since they are built into most handphones. With image quality reaching the standard of digicams, and the ability to record smooth videos, it is no wonder voyeurs are getting a new high with their mobile gizmos. All over the Internet, you will find postings by voyeurs on their latest snapshots. Be it "upskirts", "downblouses" or the "toilet shot", nobody is safe from someone else's handphone.

Here Are Pointers On How You Can Spot And Combat These Phone Perverts

Is A Lens Pointed At You?

Phone cameras have a variety of positions on different handphones the back cover, on the front, even on the side of the phone. Still, no matter what, a camera lens always needs to be pointed at the subject's direction in order to take a shot. And remember that most people fiddle with their phones on their laps as it is tiring to keep holding it up.

If a phone's lens is looking your way for more than to seconds, someone is probably up to no good. Unfortunately, the best voyeurs are almost like well-trained snipers who do not give away their positions easily. They can be standing in front of seated passengers in the train and hold their handphone casually at waist level like anyone else.

They do not even need to look your way. They can just press a button and the lens pointed at you fires off a succession of silent shots. If you spot a lens pointed in your direction, try and figure out what it sees. Most voyeurs would probably aim from high or low angles to catch compromising positions.

Shooting Back

What can you do about these perverts, apart from covering yourself from head to toe? For one thing, it is useful to look wound the train or bus carriage occasionally instead of meekly looking at outer people's shoes. If you spot someone suspicious, I recommend you go on the offensive by shooting back. This is what photojournalists do when their newsmakers turn violent on them.

Capture his mug shot with your own camera phone and let him know that you, too, can post his images on the Internet. It takes some guts to shoot an absolute stranger, but these voyeurs are often cowards to begin with. If he gets angry with you for taking his pictures, just say you are testing your new phone and did not mean to shoot in his direction.

Act dumb and shoot elsewhere but do not delete your photo evidence. And what if he is totally innocent? Trust me, most guys like the idea of a woman trying to get to know them better, especially from afar. Only the rare few would actually come up to you and ask, "Excuse me, are you a talent cout?"

Mating Habits Of Men

The internet sex joint's offer of women in fantasy costumes for clients was not a new idea. Dr Ken, a senior consultant psychiatrist, said: "There are many reasons why men go for women in costumes. Some want to be dominated. "For example, they like to think they are obeying the orders of a nurse, a doctor or a teacher.

"Also, some of them maybe re-enacting scenes from childhood where females may be the dominant figures. "As for cabin crew uniforms, it may be that the marketing for some airline companies works so well that some men see flight crew as successful, slim and pretty. In this way, a flight stewardess may become a man's dream woman." 

Become Fetish

Dr Ken said there was a difference between fantasies and fetishes. For instance, he noted that some men and women harbor fantasies of having sex with people in certain costumes. "But it becomes objectionable when the costume itself becomes more important than the person wearing it. "This is when it becomes a fetish, where a person is obsessed over an inanimate object, like a pair of shoes."

Psychologist Daniel, a private practice, agreed. Mr Daniel, 35, said men who are attracted to the costumes may have a psychological problem and not realise it. Mr Koh said: "I treated a man who made his girlfriend dress up as a nurse during love-making." The man read pornographic magazines and believed that nurses in the magazines were caring and gentle, said Mr Koh. "This can lead to problems if the partner is unwilling to cooperate.

"Over time, the man may unconsciously develop obsessive thoughts. Everything must be done in a costume before he feels good." Dr Ken said some women dare not express their discomfort when their men  make them wear costumes. "And if the costume takes centre stage rather than the person, then problems will start to creep in. "Sex is also about mutual respect and joy. If the girl is not happy to act out the fantasy, her views should be respected."

Two such men are Gary (not his real name), 35, and Mr Michael, 27. Gary, who is single, and works as a financial executive, said that he was influenced by a blue movie he saw during his school days. The theme was was "nurses who nurse men back to health". "I'm just a curious person who wants to try new things," he said.

Mr Michael, who is married with two children, said he went to a massage parlour, but was disappointed that the girls were not in costumes. He didn't know he had to make an advance request. He said: "If I ask my wife to dress up in some fantasy costume, she'll think I'm crazy. "That's all in the movies," she would say."

Sales Executive SM Joanne, 29, said she would feel "weird" if her husband asked her to dress up in fantasy costume. Ms Joanne said: "I would prefer such requests not to be made in the first place. "I think I'd feel strange as I am still quite traditional." But Miss Joanne added that she would not mind experimenting with costumes if it helped to sustain and spice up her marriage. She said there has been no such requests from her 28-year-old husband so far.


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