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Make It Bold And Simple

The Five Makeup Rules To Make An Impact At Soirees.

Go On A Gilt Trip

Shimmer and all things shiny are big year-end. But you're not Tinkerbell or a Christmas tree, so keep the gift factor subtle. To wear it well, keep it simple. Pearly highlights on skin - it takes five years off, just like that. Dust some iridescent powder or rub a 10-cent coin size of cream gloss on cheekbones and brow bones.

Wear Your Pearls

On your lips. Forget the gloss - too transparent, too much touch-ups, too much work. Make a strong statement with lipstick that's super creamy, super moist and super shiny. Go for those with pearl pigments - they give lustruous shine and multi-dimensional nacre finish. Puckers look doubly kissable, instantly.

Wage A Smear Campaign

Smoky eyes never fail to make a smoldering impact. Don't spend hours on it - it's sexiest when it looks imperfect, like at three in the morning. Make it a quickie: Use a dark crayon liner or powder shadow on the lash line, then smudge out with your ring finger or a Q-tip. Spiff it up with a neutral iridescent shadow on lids, and even dust some on the brows for an extra sparkle.

Lash Out

Fastest, no-fuss eye makeup: Curl lashes and wear three coats of the jettest black mascara you can find. Play up the contrast with a clean sweep of pale iridescent shadow on lids. It instantly livens up the eyes and makes them brighter. If you somehow mange to screw this up, stay in, permanently.

Nail It With Pizzazz

Shimmer particles may be a bitch to remove but that's also why sparkly nail polish stays on longer than flat shades. Those speckles hold polish on tight to nails. No time to run to the manicurist to mend a chip between parties? Pick a light sparkly shade - they're more forgiving. Quick chip-fix: Paint tips with a clear polish, then dip with glitter dust.

How Do You Apply Blusher Such That Cheeks Look Naturally Rosy?

Think about where your face is flushed after exercise - that's where you should apply  blush then. Go light handed - it's easier to add on color than to remove it. Cream blushers give the most natural blow but work best on bare skin or on top of liquid foundation. if you use compact foundation, apply a powder blusher. It won't crease up your base.

Highlights 101

Pale, near-white shades of powders and creams are great for accentuating your facial features. Look for high points like the brow and cheekbones, bridge at the nose, centre of the chin, even between the peaks of the upper lip and below the centre of the lower lip. You can also highlight cream or powder in your base to give you an overall glow.

Give Skin A Moisture Surge

Fast Ways To Fight Everyday Skin Moisture-zappers

Drink Eight Glasses Of Water Daily

This helps keep skin soft and clear. So you don't lose count, drink one or two glasses of water with every meal or snack, and keep a large bottle on your office desk. Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks, which draw even more moisture from skin.

Seal In Moisture After Scrubbing

Exfoliation sloughs off the dulling dead cells on the skill surface, but over-scrubbing breaks down the top layer of skin responsible for holding moisture.


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