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Surviving Your Wedding Day!

Your Big-Day Beauty Countdown

Two Months Before...

Time to stick religiously to a skincare regime! Get your skin needs professionally assessed and invest in the right skincare range.

Two Weeks Before...

Use a mask every alternate day. Ensure you drink about two litres of water every day to stay hydrated and healthy.

Tow Days Before...

Give your hair a treat using a deep-conditioning hair mask. Get a manicure and pedicure done. Avoid staying out in the sun - you don't want to end up a shade darker than your chosen foundation.

Survive Your Big Day!

Advice From A Makeup Artist

"I Find It Tough To Tell My Makeup Artist What I Want"

Tear-out sheets help loads. If you see a look you like in a magazine, rip it out. It's a lot easier than trying to describe what you what. Always check with your makeup artist and find out if the look is suitable for you. A good makeup artist looks at the the veil and the accessories - and creates the right look from there.

"What's A Chic Look For Bribes Now?"

A natural look that makes you look radiant and flawless. Avoid something too elaborate - that's so 80s! It's essential to get the foundation right. It should be long-lasting and blend nicely with your skin tone. Have your lipstick or lip gloss, oil blotter and pressed powder with you throughout your big day for quick touch-ups too.

Fix Last-Minute Beauty Emergencies

"I Woke Up With A Zit!"

No matter how big and ugly the zit is. NEVER squeeze it! Ice it to bring the swelling down and let your makeup artist work his magic on it. A good makeup artist will be able to hide your zit with his expert application of concealers. Trust us. no one will even notice it's there.

"I Don't Want My Mascara To Smudge When I Cry"

A wedding can be a real occasion to turn on the waterworks. A waterproof mascara is a MUST. When you feel a tear coming on, dab the inner corners of your eyes with  tissue to stop the droplets from falling. Nonetheless, it'll be wise to get your bridesmaid to carry a touch-up kit consisting of a makeup stick.

"My Lipstick Disappears In A Flash!"

Here's the 101 on lip touch-ups: Blot off any remaining lip color. Apply your lippie. Dust on loose powder. Blot off excess powder and supply another coat of lippie. You makeup artist should fill your lips with a coat using a lip pencil of the same shade earlier on. Of course, using a long-staying lipstick is necessary.

Risk To The Occasion!

Your type of makeup and choice of foundation depend on your choice of location.

  • If you're getting married outdoors and under the sun, go for a natural look with lighter colors like pink, lilac, peach and beige.
  • If the ceremony is held in a setting like a church where the lights tend to be dimmer, deeper tones work best.
  • For those held in an area where there are fluorescent lights, avoid makeup that has a green tint as fluorescent lighting makes the color "pop out" even more.
  • Go with an oil-free and lightweight foundation whether it's an indoor or outdoor wedding.
  • Avoid full and heavy coverage if you're going to be outdoors most of the time. You don't want your foundation streaking when you start perspiring.

Nighttime Makeup Tips


  • Don't feel obliged to put on extra glitters just because it's night. If a pale pink lipstick works for you, stick to it.
  • Avoid glittery eyeshadows or trendy looks like electric blue nail polish. You don't want to feel embarrassed to show your wedding pictures to your kids 10 years from now!
  • For receptions held indoors, choose a foundation that gives you full coverage and has special light-reflecting qualities for an overall flawless finish. Make sure it's perfectly blended with your skin tone and it goes all the way down to the neck-you don't want to end up 


  • Humidity makes keeping makeup fresh a challenge so choosing the right foundation formula is even more important. Adaptive foundation that keeps you feeling light but looking no less radiant!
  • If you have very oily skin, be sure to pat on a more long-lasting and matte formula base so you can minimise touch-ups. Forget creamy textured makeup and anything dewy because you'll shine naturally after the first two hours.
  • If you have a normal to combination skin type, go light on the foundation so you can show off your naturally good skin.

Wedding Looks You'll Love!

Unless you're intending to keep your wedding pictures in cold storage, make sure the look you wear on your big day is classic enough to endure the next few decades. Here are three makeup looks that will look just as good on you.

The Sophisticated Bride

Face: Nothing says "sophisticated" more than flawlessly applied makeup. So choose a foundation that glides on like second skin and blends well with your skin tone.

Eyes: Keep eyes looking high-society stylish with an eyeshadow in a mordern yet, contemporary shade, such as bronze-brown or gold-taupe. Line your eyes very close to the lash line then finish off coating your lashes in a blackest-of-black mascara.

Lips: Sophisticated lips used to mean dark and matte. No more! keep your puckers classic yet sensuous with a lippie that has a sheen yet is long-staying.

The Pretty Bride

Face: Nothing like a dewy complexion to say, "I'm so in love!" Choose a foundation that feels feather-light on the skin with its velvety-soft texture and lightly dust on loose powder with a big brush to avoid masking the natural radiance of your skin

Eyes: To avoid looking flighty, anchor ethereal colors like pink and mauve with earthier shades like brown and grey.

Lips: Keep them looking light! Go ahead and wear a strong coral lippie if that's your color but make sure to keep your lips looking soft and nymph-like by applying a final layer of gloss or shimmer.

The Glamorous Bride

Face: A glamorous face is one that's flawless and radiant. Use a foundation that doesn't just give you full coverage but also with its lifting action. The micro-pearls in this foundation will also keep you looking radiant and glowy for hours!

Eyes: As you throw the focus on the lips, tone down the drama of the eyes. Reach for an eyeshadow in a neutral shade, with mega-watt sparkle. Don't be afraid to wash your entire eyelid right up to the brow bone. Then line your eyes and coat lashes luxuriously for a sultry finish.

Lips: When it comes to sex appeal, it's all in the lips! Forget glosses that come with a hint of pink; what you want is a pair of full lips, filled with strong look-at-me color. To prevent color bleeds, try this.

  • Put a light layer of foundation onto your lips.
  • Then fill with a lip pencil in the same shade of your lippie.
  • Finish off by applying a layer of your lipstick.

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