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Treat your brushes with care and they will help you beautify hundreds of faces! Make-up brushes are extremely important for the proper application of make-up, and the type you use is your personal choice. There are many varieties for bristles to choose from including sable, pony, goat, camel, squirrel hairs, synthetic types and numerous combinations.

They must be kept clean, not only for sanitary reasons, but also to provide you with accurate color. The make-up brush market has expanded tremendously with new brush styles constantly emerging. Just as with your make-up itself, many brushes have alternative uses. The most important brushes you will probably need are:

Powder Brush

This large powder brush is used to fluff off excess loose or pressed powder. It should be slightly rounded in shape and very full. Select soft hair such as pony, squirrel, goat or a combination.

Blush Brush

The blush brush is smaller than the powder brush but similar in shape and composition. It is used to apply and blend your blush. This brush ideally should contain some sable, as sable has enough body to help `move' the blush where you want it on your cheek.

Contour Brush

The contour brush looks like a blush brush that has been cut straight across the top. The flat, stubby shape is great for removing excess blush, blending the edges of your blush or eye shadow, or for contouring.

Fan Brush

This thin, soft, fan-shaped fan brush provides a light application of any powder product. It's ideal for gently removing excess loose powder, for applying a touch of bright blush when you want the application to be very light. Turned sideways, it can be used to `hollow' your cheekbones with a contour powder.

Brow Comb/Brush

One side of the brow Comb/brush look like a thin, stiff toothbrush, the other like a tiny comb. Use the brush to groom and shape your eyebrows, and use the comb to gently separate your lashes after applying mascara.

Spiral Lash Brush

This mascara wand look alike, spiral lash brush is used mainly to remove excess mascara & clog on lashes after mascara application. Also a great brush for sweeping the brow while tweezing.

Sponge Applicator

An eye shadow sponge applicator will apply shadow more heavily than the brush, so it is best for applying light to medium colors or any shadows where you want more coverage. A clean sponge is also great for blending stubborn edges, `erasing' mistakes, or turned sideways for `smudging' eyeliner, to soften it's effect. Sponges applicators are not expensive, so you can have several. Be sure the applicator is made of cosmetic-grade sponge, which is smooth to the touch . If the sponge looks very porous or is scratchy, don't buy it.

Lip Brush

You'll become an expert painter when you use this flat, narrow brush to line lips and apply lipstick. Sable is essential for your Lip Brush because it is stiff enough to spread the color and hold its shape for maximum control.

Eyeliner Brush

This thin, fine-tipped eyeliner brush is used wet to apply cake-eyeliner or to turn your eye shadow into an eyeliner. Select a brush made of sable so it is resilient, not too soft and holds its point.

Under-Eye Brush

An Under-Eye Brush is like a thin, square tip, flat paintbrush about 0.3mm wide. It is used to `smudge' eyeliner and soften its effect. Ideally, this brush should be made of natural resilient sable.

Sterilisation Of Brushes

Wash them in a solution of mild-detergent warm water and swirl them around a few times. Rinse them the same way in clear cool water, then gently squeeze off the excess water from them and give them a shake. Reshape them with your hand and lay them on a towel to dry. Be careful not to dry your brushes in an upright position , as water may seep into the wooden handles. Do not soak them or the wooden handles will crack. Cleanse with a Make-up Brush Cleaner.


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