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What Is Yoga

Learning to relax can be of benefit in relieving day-to-day tensions and anxieties and can help with muscle tension and pain. There are several different methods of relaxation techniques: exercise, meditation, yoga, and biofeedback, as examples. Meditation can be as simple as incorporating these elements: a mental device to keep the mind focused; a passive attitude; decreased muscle tension; and a quiet environment.

Yoga is a form of Hindu philosophy which advocates a course of physical and mental discipline for attaining union of the self with the supreme being or ultimate principle. Biofeedback is a technological technique used in a laboratory. When successful, biofeedback results in muscle relaxation and reduced anxiety. An increased sense of control has also been reported.

Whatever technique is used, relaxation can be extremely helpful in reduction of headaches, muscles aches, and even hypertension. For most people they rarely harm and usually help. If you are under a doctor's care, adding relaxation techniques to your daily routine may help, but don't discard any medication without your physician's approval.


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